Designed for your way of living, all our woodburning stoves are aligned with the highest environmental regulations. Is there a threat that log burning stoves will not be allowed in the home? The short answer is no. But they will have to conform to the Government’s Ecodesign regulations.

As from January 2022, all multi fuel and woodburning stoves will have to meet the Government’s strict Ecodesign regulations. But as you would probably have guessed, we have been preparing for the introduction of these new regulations for years!  Rest assured that all Hutchesons of Portsoys’ range of woodburning stoves are already Ecodesign compliant.

Our showroom here in Portsoy houses the largest display of Ecodesign stoves outside of the Central Belt. 

Why not come and visit us so we can guide you to the right stove for you and your family?

Designed for our environment

When you choose to heat your home with a woodburning stove, you are making an environmentally friendly choice. Our wide range of highly efficient stoves are engineered to generate the maximum amount of heat from your fuel, with minimal emissions.

As a family run business, we are able to choose who we work with. And we choose to work with the only the very best manufacturers and suppliers of stoves.

When you visit Hutchesons of Portsoy for a woodburning stove, we will discuss your individual requirements both technical (such as sizing the heat output to your room and advising on your flue type) and of course, your favoured design.

We want to ensure that you select the most appropriate product for your home. Our highly experienced team will also be able to advise on, and assist with, the installation process.

At Hutchesons of Portsoy we house an extensive display range of stoves. From Charnwood, Contura, Dik Geurts, Hunter, Jotul and Scan, whatever design or style, we will have just the right stove for you and your home.

From ontrend, contemporary woodburning stoves to more traditional designs, a woodburning stove will always enhance the look and feel of your living room or hallway.

Shake off the cold and relax in the welcoming warmth of a stove.