Electric stoves

The Everhot electric stove is the perfect blend of traditional good looks and modern efficiency.

A 1.5kW thermostatically controlled heating element gently warms the room and behind the cast iron door you will find a 20 litre oven, perfect for cooking small dishes. 

The quality engineered steel and cast iron heat storage construction will provide heat long after the stove has been turned off.

Why would you choose an Everhot Mini?

These little beauties may be mini in size, but they are mighty useful.

Everhot’s Mini Stoves are the perfect addition to anyone who works from home.

And with all the hike in energy prices this winters, heating the whole house or entire flat might be considered a luxury.

These mini but mighty stoves will allow you to work in comfort as they become a single source of heating for your dedicated space. It will feel so good not to have to turn on your central heating to heat just your office/work space!

Yes, you could choose a portable radiator to make sure your hands don’t seize up in the dark winter months, but would your radiator look as beautiful? 

A portable radiator will heat your office space, but it has only one use. You can’t make fresh coffee on a  radiator, but you can on an Everhot.

Imagine a cute pink stove or a bold and beautiful midnight blue stove sitting proudly in your space.

With an Everhot stove, not only can it keep your coffee or tea nice and hot, it will also warm up your lunchtime soup. Even better, it will heat up a sneaky steak or macaroni pie. 

The Everhot Mini Stove range comes in an incredible variety of colours. Why not visit our showrooms in either Portsoy or at the Treehouse in Midmar and have a closer look at these little gems?

A myriad of colour awaits you