The UK Government’s latest figures for particulate matter emissions was updated on 22 February 2022.

It reveals that indoor wood burning is responsible for less than half the emissions previously speculated (17% rather than 38%). This is based on the latest data which now recognises errors in the previous data set.

17% is still significant, however, this figure includes all wood burning from open fires and old closed faced stoves. This suggests there is significant room for improvement as we know that Ecodesign stoves are 90% more efficient than open fires and 80% more efficient than stoves 10 or more years old. The SIA has established that Ecodesign stoves are in fact currently contributing just 2.7% to emissions.

A government study in 2016 reports 40% of domestic burning is from open fires, while we know that Ecodesign regulations only just came into force this year. Therefore, there is real potential for significantly reducing the PM output of domestic wood-burning by encouraging open fire users and those with an old stove to upgrade to an Ecodesign stove.

Commenting on the latest data Andy Hill, chair of the Stove Industry Alliance, said:

“We welcome the revisions to the government’s statistics on PM2.5 from domestic combustion sources that have been announced. The SIA has long maintained that the volume of wood fuel used to calculate the previous figure had been significantly overestimated, and this has now been officially acknowledged.”

“There is huge potential to lower PM2.5 emissions from domestic combustion even further by encouraging homeowners to upgrade their open fires to an Ecodesign stove, such as a clearSkies certified appliance. These stoves produce up to 90% less particulate matter emissions than an open fire so the further reduction in emissions levels that could be achieved is significant. A professionally installed, regularly serviced modern Ecodesign stove used with correctly seasoned wood fuel* is a very low carbon, low emission, sustainable and cost-effective way to heat our homes.”

It is important to remember that a world without any PM emissions is not a realistic goal – certainly not with the current technology available and so it is right to pursue a strategy that seeks to minimise PM levels while maximizing the benefits of various heating solutions. With oil and gas prices rising and with the existing limitations of wind and solar power, there is absolutely a need for an efficient domestic combustion solution which Ecodesign stoves provide.

Ecodesign woodburning stove benefits:

  1. Woodburning stoves can produce heat for long periods
  2. Allowing them to work in conjunction with wind, solar and other energies helps make these great technologies more viable – they are not in competition with each other.
  3. They are an ideal emergency/low-frequency heat source.
  4. Wood is a carbon-neutral fuel as it gives off the same amount of carbon whether it is burnt or decays naturally. The carbon released from burning wood is balanced out by the carbon absorbed by the tree during its lifetime.
  5. Ability to source fuel locally and without fracking and deep-sea oil drilling.
  6. A good quality stove can last many decades and provide an affordable source of heat for low-income households.
  7. Significant well-being benefits as a result of owning a wood-burning stove



2022 has arrived!

Thank you to all our clients who have supported us through what was quite a challenging year.

We appreciate that we are not the only small business who has had to go through and manage all the supply chain difficulties. We also are not the only home improvement company which is currently managing the continuing tidal wave of new enquiries.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding. New enquiries are our life blood. We will continue to do our utmost to provide the best service for all our new and existing customers but
please bear with us we are a small team, a family run business.

With the arrival of 2022, Hutchesons of Portsoy aims to have a successful, smooth year without any unforeseen restrictions coming into place.

And now for some exciting news!

We are delighted to announce that HoP are hosting a free Everhot cooker sales and taster demonstration here at our showroom in Portsoy.

Range cooking has long been a firm favourite and if you are a complete Aga, Stanley or Rayburn fan, then upgrading to an Everhot electric cooker might be something to consider. With their reputation as a premium product, Everhot range cookers are all:

100% efficient

Have low running costs

Do not require any maintenance

And with this in mind, who would not want to swap their old range cooker for a brand new one especially as we will be promoting free installation and delivery plus offering some fantastic HoP
exclusive event sales promotions!

From 11am to 2pm on Friday 28 Jan, Everhot will be demonstrating how their electric range cookers not only enhance your kitchen and culinary skills, but also provide a warm and radiant
background heat perfect for today’s way of living.
All Covid regulations will be followed and social distancing measures will be adhered to.

For your free space, please follow this
link and provide very brief details (for Covid compliance).

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Covid-19 Update

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for bearing with us at this particular time.

Hutchesons of Portsoy along with many other small businesses are still experiencing supply chain challenges and of course, from the continuing effects that Covid-19 has on our daily lives.

HoP are still experiencing an incredible high level of new enquiries, which we are so thankful for. We are a family run business and have a wonderful, but small complement of office staff.

Please bear with us when it comes to telephone calls. We will always respond to each and every call that comes into our office. It may not be as quick as you would like, but we promise to return every enquiry.  With this in mind, there is no need for you to call us more than once, as this only delays us.

Your questions and queries are really important to us and rest assured, we are doing our utmost to manage the current situation.

Our staff make our company.  The health and wellbeing of the team is of paramount importance to HoP. We all try our best to provide the best possible customer and installation service across the NE of Scotland, it’s who we are.

Since lockdown, our staff have experienced some distressing social media posts and telephone calls. They are not equipped or, deserve to be treated in a way which negatively affects their mental health.

These past 2 years have been a very testing time for everyone. We recognise that in times of stress and anxiety, situations may become exacerbated, but we just like to remind everyone that in such times a little kindness goes a long way.